Ranch Road Builders FAQs

Door Installation


Do you know of a company in the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex that could measure and install a Schweiss bi-fold door on an existing hangar that right now has metal sliding doors. This particular hangar has eight metal rolling doors 17' tall by 13' wide. The width is approximately 104'. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike

Mike, Ranch Road Builders works throughout Texas and is very experienced installing both Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic doors.



I purchased a hydraulic one piece door a few weeks back. Can you do the install on a hydraulic door?

We sure can! Whether you have a Bi-fold or Hydraulic door our trained crews have the experience to get the job done.



I need a quote on a 60'0" (W) x 22'0" (H) Bifold Door with an electric motor. We will sheet it with metal panels that match the metal building it will be going in. Please let me know if you provide installation.

Ranch Road Builders is a complete installation company. We can install your door sheeting and all and preform test runs to ensure everything is running smoothly before we leave a job site.



I have a contractor that is building a community of about 100 buildings that will need bi-fold doors. He wants a local company to install them.

No matter the size of the door or the quantity, Ranch Road Builders is ready to get the job done for you.


Door Service


We have several doors on site. Do you offer any kind of routine maintenance contracts??

Well if your using a Schweiss door chances are your maintenance issues are going to be few. Hangar Rental is fully capable of preforming routine preventive maintenance on any and all of your doors.


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